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Aftermarket Car Stereo 90% Driver's Choice

As we all know, car stereo devices are divided into original and aftermarket installed. The so-called original, as its name implies, is that the car stereo has been installed at the factory while those aftermarket are installed in the car shop or to purchase an additional one and to install yourself(DIY). According to the survey data, more than 90% of car drivers have chosen the aftermarket car stereo devices.

For the choice of original or aftermarket, in fact, there is already a conclusion. You can see that in the automotive forum, 90% car owners will tell you to choose the latter. So why do 90% of car owners choose to install aftermarket car stereo but not original?

Although the original car stereo device is more stable and more compatible, and it is more integrated with the car itself.Unfortunately, the user experience(the most deadly factor) is too awful, which is unacceptable to many car owners. As a result, they have chosen to buy aftermarket products.

As for the poor user experience, it is mainly reflected in the following places:

1, the original navigation technology is out of date

The original car navigation is to select the navigation platform at the beginning of the new model design. When the vehicle development is completed and put into production, the car navigation has been something a few years ago. After a few years, the functional technology is obviously behind.

2, after-sales service is poor

The warranty period of the dealership is short and the maintenance procedure is cumbersome and time-consuming. In some case, it often shirks responsibility, so many times the owner can only pay for the repair himself.

3, high costs of system and navigation upgrade

Whether it is an outdated system or a poor map, drivers have to pay a lot of money to upgrade the system and navigation for a better use experience, which has also caused thousands of car owners to abandon the original navigation device directly.

4, there are too few features of original navigation

Most original navigators are relatively monotonous in function, basically only FM/AM Radio and AUX IN, some support mobile phone Bluetooth connection, and some even have no display and intelligent system.

In sharp contrast to the original, the aftermarket stereo brings a better experience and a powerful features and configurations.

So what are the advantages of the aftermarket head unit?

1, lower price but more useful functions and configurations

Whether it is a high-grade version with the original car navigation, or a slightly cheaper version, it is not comparable in price to the aftermarket car stereo. Moreover, a series of ultra-practical in-vehicle features of the aftermarket head unit can beat the weak performance of the original, easily and completely.

Take Panlelo T1 for example, a 7 INCH 1024*600 HD Capacitive touch screen hides in Single DIN Car Stereo, which fits the car with a single din hole and its owner who want visual enjoyment of large screen.

Ø  Newest Android 8.0 System, 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU with 1G DDR3 RAM

Ø  Smart phone connection, Mirror Link with dual control

Ø  Build-in Bluetooth, hands-free, phone book, A2DP to steaming the phone music to the radio. 

Ø  Build in 16G Flash Memory for Music/Navigation Map Data/Video

Ø  Build-in Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP/Hands Free/Phone book

Ø  Front SD & USB Input

Ø  Build-in navigation with GPSexternal antenna. 

Ø  Preset Multi EQ Settings

Ø  Steering wheel control

Ø  Build-in WIFI

Ø  Remote Control

Ø  Build-in AM(522KHz~1620KHz)/FM(87.5MHz~108MHz)/RDS Radio.30 preset stations (FM:18,AM:12).It's easy to search and stored your favorite radio station.

2, Car-special & Universal Model makes wonderland

With the development of science and technology, the aftermarket car stereo is constantly upgrading and keeping up with the trend of the times. Whether it is dedicated to the car special or universal model, it can cater to the consumer market and meet the needs of car owners, bring awesome experience.

3, perfect after-sales service and easy maintenance

One of the problems that the original navigator is often criticized is that the after-sales maintenance is cumbersome. Well-known brands of Navigator manufacturers will be equipped with a comprehensive after-sales service team to help owners solve problems when they are used. Such as Panlelo car store, it offers a one-year warranty and there’s an enthusiastic and professional customer service staff to provide pre-sales consulting and after-sales feedback. Moreover, directly handover with the factory, there are powerful teams and professional engineers to solve problems and fix vulnerabilities faster and better. Not only that, but Panlelo also allows free upgrades to in-vehicle systems and offline maps.

4, the appearance of the panel is similar, the button design is more user-friendly

1:1 simulation of Volkswagen's original car design model and user interface, bringing an original sense of sight, and the material is slightly better than the original. What’s more, each aftermarket head unit manufacturer also combines with the characteristics of the themselves according to the use requirements of the car owner, setting some more commonly used buttons on the panel. As for the drivers, the aftermarket car special head unit is not only highly compatible with the vehicle, but also more flexible in terms of use.

5, excellent multimedia entertainment features, just as a tablet in car

With some amazing functions, aftermarket car navigation can not only solve navigation problems, but also provide various information inquiry, car audio and video enjoyment, online Internet access and other great features to meet the different needs of car owners.

Therefore, I believe that whether it is from the perspective of cost performance or user experience, aftermarket car stereo is obviously a better choice. And Panlelo car store is your best choice. Highly recommended.


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