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Car Head Unit Buying Tips

1, How to judge the quality of the car head unit

Most car drivers who are unfamiliar with navigation products usually will purchase car head unit by directly identifying the brand and price (the recommendation of brand and price, we will introduce in the next few issues), of course, in addition to these methods, the owner is actually identify the pros and cons in the process of testing the product as well (if it is an online shopping platform, like Amazon or eBay,  you can only choose a more trustworthy brand or product. As for me, Panlelo car store is highly recommended).

When the car-special audio and video navigation was not popular, some merchants made a profit by selling general-purpose machines, because the general-purpose machine is easy to copy and assemble, and then can be produced into finished products through OEM. However, with the rise of special vehicles, the general-purpose machines have begun to slowly fade out of the market. Nowadays, all brand products, imitation and assembly can basically be avoided.

Choosing a special audio and video navigation product for the car, because we can not open the internal work of the product, so we can only roughly judge the appearance and use. First check the weld gap of the panel and whether the buttons are smooth.

(Car Stereo, T1 Single DIN GPS Navigation Android 6.0 Quad Core RAM 1G ROM 16G Touch Screen Head Unit Folding Monitor Auto Radio Audio Built-in AM/FM BT WiFi Steering Wheel Control In-Dash Navi)

After booting up, we can intuitively feel the clarity of the screen. The resolution and other car information can be known from the parameter configuration. However, there is very few anti-glare screen now. The driver can see the screen sensation directly from the light, because most of the head unit are difficult to see the delicate picture clearly in the sun, so it is not necessary to worry about this. Feel the sensitivity of the touch screen with your hands, or you can check if the machine will get stuck by playing games and other Apps.

Another point will affect the product performance, that is, the heat dissipation of the product, especially in high temperature weather. Because the environment in which the car itself is located is not very ventilated, the heat dissipation of the product itself is more important, otherwise it will crash.

(Panlelo PA012s Android 6.0 Car Stereo Double Din Car GPS Navigation 7 inch Car Radio Head Units Touch Screen BT WIFI Mirror Link SWC Quad Core 1GB RAM 16GB ROM AM/FM/RDS)

Summary: In fact, the appearance and use can only roughly determine the work of the product, and for example, the seismic performance of the product, whether the radiation exceeds the standard, we are difficult to judge when purchasing. So we can only choose the brand products with more elaborate work and better after-sales protection.

2, What products are popular today?

Two years ago, you may also think that the car DVD navigation integrated machine has the same basic functions except for workmanship. In fact, with the development of the Android system and the rise of in-vehicle information services, the car stereo market in the past two years has undergone some changes. If you ask me what kind of product to buy, I can answer you most directly. If you want to have a multi-functional car stereo, then the Android system is definitely the most popular nowadays; if you pay attention to the car information service, then navigation with human-machine dialogue is suitable for you (note that some have manual services, some are just voice recognition).

1, Android Car Head Unit

When the Android car head unit was "just debuted" in the previous year, it was often questioned by the owner that its stability was not good, because there was often a phenomenon in which the owner of the car crashed during use. However, two years have passed, and the fluency of several Android cars I tried this year has improved a lot, and the problem of the card machine has been solved.

(Panlelo S2 Universal Android Double 2 Din Auto Radio 7'' Touch Screen Quad Core 1GB RAM 16GB ROM Car Radio Stereo GPS Navigation)

However, although the Android system can bring us unlimited function expansion, its biggest problem is to solve the Internet carrier. At present, some of the products we have contacted are built-in SIM card slots to solve, and some are external 3G Dongle.

2, Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Function

The man-machine dialogue function is also popular in the past two years, but there is still a difference in this kind of dialogue. Some products have manual services, contact the background through a push-to-talk, and then provide services such as navigation or road rescue by manual services. However, some products are simple voice recognition, and the head unit completes navigation, music, and radio services by recognizing what you say.

Summary: Car head unit with Android system is a popular trend at present. Compared with the earlier Android system’s , the current product has improved a lot in stability. There is a manual background car DVD navigation, which is a practical choice. The shortage is that the manual background of the car navigation products of the aftermarket car head unit is generally operated by the manufacturer itself or outsourced.

3, Where to buy?

Car head unit products, like navigation or other auto accessories, are very convenient and easy to purchase, such as the local car accessories plaza, or make your order on the E-commerce platforms, like Amazon, AliExpress,eBay, etc.

a). Auto Accessories Plaza (or Auto Parts City)

Generally speaking, it is more secure to buy in the brand franchise stores in the local car plaza (or auto parts city), because most brands will have an image store, which can be installed after purchase. However, it should be reminded here that after purchasing the product, the owner must ask about the warranty period of the after-sales service, because some of the whole machine warranty and the warranty period of spare parts or important parts are different, the owner should ask as much as possible, and must request for a formal invoice.

b). E-commerce platform

Our commonly used e-commerce websites will have audio-visual navigation products for sale, while some products on the network are operated by the manufacturers themselves, while some are operated by dealers. If the manufacturer does not control the price, the price of different E-commerce platforms will have a large price difference. At present, the biggest problem in buying a car on the Internet is the after-sales service and installation problems. However, some brands of direct-sale stores can be installed in the local image store after purchasing the products online (of course, the installation fee is calculated separately).

Here, a professional E-commerce brand Panlelo is for your reference. Highly recommended.


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