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Car Navigation VS Mobile Navigation

The popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phones in recent years has had a great impact on in-vehicle devices (car navigation, car multimedia, etc.). The navigation software on the mobile phone side brings a better user experience with the enhancement of the hardware configuration of the device and the continuous optimization of the software program, so more and more car owners will choose to use the mobile phone as navigation. However, it is interesting to note that there are still many friends (nearly every car owner around me) who have installed hundreds or eventhousands of dollars of car navigation on the car after buying a car. Car Navigator or mobile navigation? That’s a question.


Mobile navigation and car navigation have always been a hot topic in the circle of drivers. Some people like to use the former, while others prefer the latter.First of all, we need to figure out that the strengths and weaknesses between the two.

So, why mobile navigation is favored by more and more people? What is its advantage over car navigator or professional navigation devices?


The advantage of mobile navigation is achieved with the development of smart phones. In the case of not rigorous argumentation, it can be summarized as:

a) portable, which can be used wherever and whenever you go with the mobile phone;b) low cost, mobile navigation is now not only cheap, but some even free;

c) mobile internet, which means map updates are timely and convenient, and the number and accuracy of POIs are much higher, allowing more choices and real-time.

Nowadays, mobile navigation is becoming more and more practical, and it has a huge advantage over traditional car navigation. The original inferior problems such as small screen, slow network speed and poor performance have been improved with the rapid advancement of smart phones in recent years. Something like Samsung's large-screen mobile phone, or use iPad with hotspot connected. From the navigation itself, regardless of accuracy or user experience, the current various App navigation has basically replaced car navigation to a certain extent.


In fact, I would like to talk about the disadvantages of mobile phones for navigation. At present, because I am doing a mobile phone inertial feasibility study, I am looking at my current level of cognition. There are at least the following shortcomings in mobile phone navigation,


1. The GPS module of the mobile phone is not necessarily stable, and the accuracy of some mobile navigation may not reach the navigation standard (meter level). In some areas such as remote mountains or tunnels, inaccurate positioning and navigation failures are highly prone.

2. The performance of the built-in sensor of the mobile phone is very unstable. In the case of Android's accelerometer and magnetic field sensors, the orientation of the device measured by the sensor data can reach 5 degrees when the device is stationary. With such accuracy, at a speed of 30 km/h, the distance error generated per second (assuming only the heading angle change, regardless of the pitch angle and the roll angle) also reaches a distance of approximately 8*sin5 (m). And the dynamic situation will be even worse.


3. The real-time speed acquisition capability of the mobile phone is much worse than that of the traditional navigation device. Basically, it can only be achieved by accelerometer integration, and the accuracy of the accelerometer has been explained above. Moreover, rigorously, accelerometer integration needs to eliminate the effects of local gravitational acceleration, and the projection of gravitational acceleration on the three axes of the accelerometer is difficult to determine. Because many mobile phones do not have a separate gravity sensor, and the direction of gravity is different in different latitude and longitude, it also involves coordinate system transformation. It is also difficult for mobile phones to coordinate this.


4. The clock of the mobile phone is much worse than the precision of the professional instrument. People who have known GPS should understand that the clock is a crucial item, and it is really one false step will make a great difference.


5. The phone consumes a lot of power. In the process of using mobile phone navigation, the battery is a big problem. Both GPS and screens are power consumers. Even if you plug in the car charger to maintain the use, but the phone will be hot due to continuous high-power operation, affecting the life of the phone.


6. The frequency of interruption during use is extremely high. When using mobile phone navigation, occasionally there are calls or information, it will interrupt the navigation, if there’s a complex road conditions, it will easily lead to the wrong route. Moreover, in the process of answering and replying, the driver's concentration will be dispersed, and there is a safety hazard.


Overall, the mobile phone static positioning capability is quite good, but for the high-speed and high-dynamic process, there are still many problems to be solved.

Sonow, compared to mobile navigation what are the unique features of car navigation that can be favored by the driver?


1), of course, the screen is bigger. The screen sizes of common car navigation are 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch and 10.2-inch, and even have a ultra large screen of Tesla 17 inches. A larger screen not only provides a better view of the road and convenient operation, but also a more stylish and technological sense;

2), The car can be connected to an external GPS antenna, the signal is better, so that it can work normally in remote areas or in extreme cases, ensuring navigation accuracy and driving safety. When it is closer to the intersection, navigation will automatically jump to 3D mode to clearly show the correct direction, which is very practical for multiple intersections or complex road conditions;

3), integration of the car. The car navigation is fixed at the central control position, and it is a part of SZM. It does not occupy other space and looks more coordinated.What’s more, car navigator is connected with many of the car's equipment to form a system that not only captures current driving data, but also provides useful navigational reminders based on this data.

4),powered by the car's storage battery, no need to charge, there is no danger of power failure. At the same time, because it is integrated with the body, you don't have to worry about taking it when you get on orforgetting it in the car when you leave.


5), some useful and friendly functions. Powerful smart-phone connectivity and AV entertainment system, Bluetooth hands-free call, reversing aid, etc.


Take Panlelo’s car stereo for example, car navigation in his store are very practical and can meet the needs of most drivers. Such as Panlelo S13 2din android 8.0 radio, it is an Octa-core 4G RAM 32G ROM 7-inch Car Navigation, which has Built-in GPS navigation, support on-line/off-line Navigation, such as Google maps, iGO map, Waze, Sygic and other maps, escorting for you. As for the smart-phone connectivity, it supports Mirror Link Easy-connection, for both iOS and Android system, which means that the features you can use on your phone can also be easily operated on car navigation.


And turn to the AV system, FM/AM radio and video are naturally necessary, an important aid is reversing image. When reversing, the rear view image and ruler will be automatically popped up, and the blind spot behind the car will be cleared, which can help you reverse easily.

Other functional functions, like Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP/Hands Free/Phone book, Steering Wheel control, Wi-Fi connection makes it as a tablet.

In summary, I believe that car navigation is still very necessary. Car navigation is a great fit for the driver's needs, both in terms of practicality and convenience during driving. Moreover, car navigation has the function of mobile navigation, and purely in navigation, both signal and stability are far better than the latter. In addition, car navigation and mobile navigation can be connected to complement each other, to maximize their respective advantages. The most important issue is the expansion of the car application in the future. Adding navigator to the car is like adding a "Location" attribute and a "Navigation" method to the car.


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