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Common Issue│Car Stereo Troubleshooting and Self-solution

Car Stereo is an equipment installed in a car or other vehicle to provide in-car entertainment, functions and information for the vehicle occupants. As time goes by, various common problems such as aging of the machine or poor contact will occur frequently. When the driver encounters some common problems while using car stereo, we can try to troubleshoot and self-solve first but rush to the repair center or contact the insurance company.


Nowadays, with the development of the economy, the living standards have risen, and there are more and more cars. Basically, every household has at least one car, and most car owners will install car navigation for their cars. Although the navigation device operation is more and more convenient today, however, some new drivers may encounter some common problems when they first use the navigator. The first use will be troublesome. In fact, some issues are very simple to be solved. I will explain it to you below.

1. Navigation can not receive satellite signals

In general, the maps will show the location of your current position via satellite signal when in navigation. If you find out that there’s a red dot in the upper right corner of the display screen, it means that the signal is weak. In that case, you should re-check that whether the navigation antenna has been connected well and that the antenna position has been placed correctly or not. In addition, the car should be navigated in an open space, the antenna should be balanced with the ground and directly facing the sky, in order to better receive satellite signals.


2. Noise in the navigation state

The cause of this problem is usually that the navigation is disturbed by the engine power supply. The solution is to string the power filter on the yellow line on the navigation socket line of the navigation cable to reduce power supply interference from the engine.


3. Throttle noise when starting the car

Solution: Install an inductor or filter (power supply) on the host power cable BATT, or ground the main unit casing.

If a pillow screen is installed, the noise may also be caused by the interference of the headrest screen signal. Therefore, it is also possible to disconnect the signal of the headrest screen to eliminate interference.



4. Can not play sound

a). Check whether the system is muted or not. If yes or accidentally touch the [MUTE] button, you can press it again to turn off mute.

b). Check whether the speaker cable is loose or disconnected. If yes, then reconnect it well.

c). Check whether the speaker is damaged. If yes, buy a new one and replace it correctly.

If all three of the above conditions are normal, generally, it is very likely that there’s a certain group of speaker wires are short-circuited with the vehicle. In this case, you can try to disconnect all the speaker cables and then connect them separately to a working speaker. If it can play normally, it means that one of the speaker cables is short-circuited. If it is not, it proves that the main engine is faulty.



5. The radio signal is poor

The radio mainly receives wireless waves by means of an antenna. If the antenna is not plugged in properly or the connection line has a problem, the radio will be abnormal.

You can re-check the connection of radio antenna and its position. Go and re-test it in an open place. Sometimes a radio signal amplifier may be needed.

6. DVD have no sound

When there is no sound when playing the disc, similarly, check if the system is muted.

But if it is operating well when in radio and navigation state, it should be the setting error of DVD settings.

At this point, you can enter 【Settings】——【DVD Settings】——【Audio Settings】. Then go to 【Audio Output】 and set to 【Analog Output】, and finally exit the settings to save. After that, back to the home page or restart the head unit, the sound of the DVD will return to normal.

Note: different models, different steps and options. Please refer to the actual situation for details.


7. Unable to start

This problem is usually caused by a user's misoperation, which causes the system program to malfunction and cannot work normally. In this situation, you can use a toothpick or other small things to poke the reset button 【RET】. Then the car stereo will automatically restart and boot normally.


8. The display will flash when you step on the brakes

In this condition, it can be judged that the taillight socket is influencedby water or the socket ground wire is in poor contact, causing the reversing lamp to be affected by the current.


9. There a place can not be found on the map

A: There are two possibilities for this problem.

First, the regional settings of the provinces and cities are not accurate. The location should be adjusted to your area for further search. Or change another way to check, sometimes there are several names in one area.

Second, there are some relatively remote places, such as small towns in remote mountainous areas or some relatively complicated roads, such as staggered  and intertwined overpasses and underground tunnels. Such a place is indeed a weak satellite signal, relatively less map information. Therefore, GPS cannot be fully expected, so it is still necessary to apply it flexibly.


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