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Do You Really Know SD Memory Card?

SD memory card is a basic accessory of camera, which is also a point that vehicle owner would easily neglect.

Memory access speed of SD memory cards are varying from brands to brands, also from manufacturer to manufacture. A constant and stable minimum writing speed is required when recording a video.Therefore, it is quite difficult to choose the right one to make sure playing smoothly when there are varying SD card with various writing speed.

As a matter of fact, dash cam calls for SD card with high expectation. Picking the right SD card can improve durability for not much more money. So, how to measure the quality of a SD card? Actually, SD Association utilizes symbols and speed class specification to define various speeds so that the consumers can pick up required potency they need from symbols, they are “Speed Class”, “UHS Speed Class” and “Video Speed Class”. These are mainly useful for any devices with video recording capabilities.

Let’s start with “Speed Class”, based on the calculation of 8 KB per second, and class has different levels: class 0, class 2, class 4, class 6 and class 10. Look at the form below and you will find out their differences.

Class Level

Reading and Writing Speed

Introduction or Usage

Class 0

Slower than 2MB/sec

Slower than Class 2 or with Speed Class Indication

Class 2


Satisfy Watching Ordinary MPEG4/2 Movie, SDTV or DV Shoot

Class 4


Fluently Broadcast HDTV or Continuous DV Shoot

Class 6


Satisfy SLR’s ContinuousShoot or the Need of Professional Equipment

Class 10


Satisfy the Need of High Rate Storage

Secondly, UHS SpeedCard (Ultra High Speed) is compatible with SDHC (SD High Capacity), SDXC (SD Extended Capacity), microSDHC, microSDXC memory cards and their devices.The SD Association defines UHS speed grade as U1 (UHS Speed Card l)&U3 (UHS Speed Card 3).Attention, UHS speed card can only be applied to UHS Bus IF products: UHS-Ⅰ, UHS-Ⅱ& UHS-Ⅲ.Also, there is no corresponding relation between Speed Card and UHS Speed Card.

Thirdly, in order to adapt video application, Video Speed Class was formulated by SDA (Secure Digital Card Association) and defined into 5 grades: V6, V10, V30, V60 and V90.V6 and V10 can be applied to High Speed and UHS Bus IF products. V30 can be applied to UHS Bus IF products. V60 and V90 can be applied to UHS-II / UHS-III products.

As we all know, dash cam will automatically record video, and itwill also automatically delete the records when the memory is full. It facilitates the normal driver to save time and do not need to frequently clean memory, however, it’s not beneficial to the long-time driving. Once drivers forget to copy memory, they would just miss some significant records. Thereby, in case of such accident, you had better choose 32 GB internal storage capacity. And it would be better to format SD card before you use it at the first time.

Generally, if you need to buy a SD card separately, we recommend you to look for either class 10 or U1 Speed Class markingswith some famous brand such as SanDisk, Transcend or Lexar. Both mean a minimum performance of 10 megabytes of data per second written to the SD card.

Except for the speed you need to consider of a good SD card, the duriablity also counts a significant role. NAND Memory is a nonvolatile technology, which aims to lower storage cost and improve storage capacity per bit. It has been proved that it’s greatly needed when people pursuing products with lower power consumption, lighter weight and better performance. Don’t buy off of eBay, don’t buy off of Aliexpress and don’t buy used.

Most consumer SD cards use TLC (Trinary-Level Call) NAND, 3bit/cell, slow speed, short lifetime, cheaper price. More expensive cards are MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND, 2bit/cell, normal speed, normal lifetime, which would be the best choice for dash cam.

When purchasing a SD card, you need make sure it’s from a reputable source. Counterfeit cards are everywhere, they look like the original, but they’re slower, smaller or less reliable than the original.

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