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Not Just GoPro

When it comes to action cameras, most people think of GoPro first, just as Apple in the smart devices. But here, what I want to introduce is a sport camera brand on Amazon—Panlelo.

1. Stylish& User-friendly.

First of all, the performance of the Panlelo sport camera is very ergonomic. In other words, it is suitable for the natural form of the human body in use, thereby minimizing the fatigue caused during use and very easy to operate. The “light and convenient” features of the Panlelo camera have become one of the most important factors for its popularity. The exterior design is fashionable, beautiful and small and exquisite. It is very suitable for for carrying and playing.

2. HighPerformance, PowerfulFunctions

The attractive parameter,

With a 170° wide-angle, 2.0-inch HD LCD large screen, and Sony CMOS Sensor, Panlelo camera supports 4K Ultra HD resolution with 30frames and 1080P FullHD shooting in the case of 60fps.

Up to IPX8 waterproof shell, deep waterproof about 30M(98ft), allowing diving enthusiasts to have fun underwater as they wish.

At the same time, it also supports Wi-Fi and mobile phones to achieve long-distance connection; you can quickly transfer recorded video and photos to your mobile phone. At the system level, the Internet connection has been optimized to provide users with an integrated operation experience of shooting, sharing, and interaction.

3. Versatile use, not just sport camera

In addition to multiple functions, Panlelo sport camera can be used for a variety of purposes. For example,thanks to the diversity of camera accessories, they can be used as driving recorders (with mounting brackets) not just sport DV. What’s more, it can be used as a photo artifact as long as it is connected to a mobile phone viaWi-Fi,completely liberating hands to some extent.


Stylish, simple, light, and functionally are some main features of Panlelo Sport Camera. The comprehensive design element makes it more suitable to record in a variety of environments, very convenient and flexible to use. The cost-effectiveness of the Panlelo camera makes this product even more competitive in the market.

There is no doubt that Panlelo, which combines technology and price advantages, will have a significant impact on the huge potential of the motion camera market.

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