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Soundproof your vehicle

    More and more music lovers are high on modifying car audio. Therefore, it is really important to work out an overall soundproofinstallation. Here comes today’s topic—Soundproof your vehicle.

    Primarily, it is necessary explain the principle of car sound isolation and noise reduction. Two ways are available to do the installation. Firstly, vibration-resistance panel is used to improve the damping coefficient in car and reduce noise from the sound source. Secondly, sound-absorbing cotton is used to take in noise. Generally these two ways are combinedtogether--vibration-resistance panel plus sound-absorbing cottonto reach ideal soundproof effect for the reason that sound-absorbing cotton can better bring its superiority into fully play when placing itself on the cavity. Additionally, LF, a kind of mixture material, can be laid on the chassis to drop the noise of low frequency.

    If you guys want to upgrade your car audio, at least you need to lay out sound insulation of doors.In this way not only the resonance caused by working trumpet can be lowered, but also a resonator can be created inside the door sheet, which is indispensable for the performance of MID LF. You can skip is on other parts, but if you can forget the budget, it is the best choice to complete the sound insulation of whole car.

1. Pasting with the whole and complete piece of sound-absorbing material—Enhance damping coefficient to the greatest extent.



2. Stripe-type pasting

    In the pass, pasting with the whole piece of material had been popular for a while. However, a problem that cannot be ignored is that passenger or driver will catch carsickness with this pasting method. As a matter of fact, the noise can be sensed by our eyes belongs to HF noise. HF vibration is changed to LF vibration via improving damping coefficient in car. In other words, when making sound insulation, amplitude and frequency is lowered at the same time. That is the case! Some people cannot fit themselves into a LF environment and they feel unwell in the car. Well, stripe-type pasting can solve this problem effectively for the reason that it disperse the noise to wider frequency band. So, which one is better? I am afraid that I cannot answer you. If you and your family never catch carsickness, you can choose pasting the whole piece. Considering the comfort of your family, it would be better that you choose stripe-type pasting.If it is not enough, sound-absorbing cotton can be helpful.

    Next it is turn to choosing high-quality soundproof material, which is the essential part, cause if you use fake or inferior material, it would be a disaster like the following pics.


    Vibration-resistance panel is divided into two parts-- aluminum foil and adhesive layer. Adhesive layer is the key point and normally it is made of eco-friendly material like butyl rubber, while those inferior ones are made of bitumen. Bitumen will give out poisonous gas when it is heated up, so there is no doubt that it cannot be used in car. It is not difficult to distinguish these two materials. Tear a little piece down and malaxate in hands for a while, bitumen will smudge your hands while butyl rubber will not.

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