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Why you should own a dashcam?

          Mounted in a vehicle a dash cam is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle's windscreen. Why you should own a dash cam?

          It is always a headache for us to take distinct footage in a changing environment. Just imagine this scenario. In a dark night, an oncoming vehicle with headlights on full beam abruptly appears on the road. At that moment, an ordinary dash cam will definitely be affected by such intensive light so that the lens could only capture images of a large area of white spot and vague surroundings, let alone the car’s license plate in front of you.

As we can see, even if image with high-definition a dash cam could capture during daytime, its operation at nighttime is still hard to be assumed. There is no means for blaming people who use beam light for accident comes never with any warning, what you should do is to record everything as an evidence to protect the benefits you deserve when accident really happens.

Furthermore, a dash cam even do not deserve its name if it cannot provide sufficient clarity, monitoring function during parking time, start video at emergency and G-sensor technology.

Here are some tips to check whether the video quality is good or not.

1. Watch night videos rather than day videos. Most HD cameras perform well in the day, but the quality of the video is really bad at night, so check whether the night version is good or not, you need to check it at dark environment.

2. Watch videos in full screen at the highest resolution to see whether it is clear.

3. Pay attention to the wide angles when the camera is recording.

    Many manufacturers exaggerate the viewing angle, but it is not as large as they described.

4. Watch reviews and video from 1 or 2 star if you purchase dash camera online. The videos from sellers usually appear better than real user videos. They may be using a better lens on the camera to shoot videos. If there are many users having serious problems with a dash cam (sensor burning, blurry picture, recording hangs), you should look elsewhere. So you need to gather reliability information based on real user feedback.

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